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Instead I can add some logic to the expression scriptblock.I’m using a simple regular expression pattern for an IPv4 address.You can put in as much code in the expression scriptblock as you need. This will give you the same result and might be easier to follow.

For awhile now I’ve been thinking about the next project.Now that I have the results, I can re-run the command export everything back into a CSV file. That’s why I imported the file first into the variable $computers.If I tried to Import, select and export all in one line I would most likely run into an open file error.While you may not have the specific business need regarding this scenario, you most likely work with CSV files to some degree, and I’m assuming want to learn a bit more about Power Shell.In this article, I’m going to take the IP information from Test-Connection and insert it back into the CSV file.

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The installation experience with this app is actually pretty good, but the incessant reminders to purchase the latest version on all of my machines running Windows 10 is extremely annoying.

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